We are constantly adding new, and updated, courses and content to help you move forward, and stay in the lead. When you entrust Advanced Ingenuity Labs with your technology training, you get our unwavering commitment to produce and update industry-leading camps and courses year-round.
Advanced Ingenuity Labs


In our computing courses, we cover topics such as: how computers work, simple algorithms and their efficiency, networking, databases,


Our robotics courses offer a project-based and hands-on experience. These courses are designed for individuals who are interested in the


In our networking courses, we cover topics such as: IP addressing, IP subnetting, routing, switches, VLANs, Spanning Tree Protocol (STP


In our security courses, we cover topics such as: on-line privacy, on-line responsibilities, secure authentication, encryption standards


Our electronics courses offer a project-based and hands-on experience with the fundamentals that run the technology we use on a daily

Artificial Intelligence

Our artificial intelligence courses focus on how machines learn. From deep learning to neural networks, you’ll gain insight on how

Your Insight Into Technology

Our training emphasizes critical thinking, providing a pathway to an insightful, conceptual understanding of technology.
Critical Thinking:
  • Explore hands-on
  • Systematically solve problems
  • Generate innovative solutions
  • Think creatively
Conceptual Understanding:
  • Organize the information
  • Analyze the information
  • Realize the connections and correlations
  • Gain a meaningful understanding
Expert Instructors:
  • Teachers
  • Systems developers and administrators
  • IT and security specialists
  • Software and systems engineers